“Men cry. Women seduce. Melancholic TANGOWERK enriches the spirit. Synthesizers flirt with a bandoneon. Nothing is impossible.” Deeply inspired by the uplifting melancholy of the tango, NHOAH creates TANGOWERK. Tango is more than a musical passion and pursuit… it is a way of experiencing life, equally suffused with suffering as potency. And it’s this ambivalence which shapes each element of TANGOWERK—its music, lyrics and aesthetic. Losing yourself in weltschmerz, without losing hope. The gravitational pull of traditional tango, offset by the explosive energy of electronica. Theatrical vocal performances, with authentic passion and longing.

From this passionate collision between the worlds of Berlin and Buenos Aires, NHOAH has created a multi-faceted world… the world of TANGOWERK, which exists somewhere between imagination and reality, euphoria and melancholy. With steamy, breathy, screaming, taunting voices, with tango orchestration and synthpop, shellac sound and electronic stylings; TANGOWERK seduces you into delirious dancing on the volcano while simultaneously clearing the mind for the simmering struggles ahead.