How do you express yourself musically if you’re just as tuned in to reports issued by the Club of Rome think tank as to techno club beats? The Berlin-based formation “TANGOWERK” successfully pulls off this balancing act between global reflection and a passion for partying on their new album EXCESS ALL AREAS.

EXCESS ALL AREAS: To live in constant debate with the world. With harmonies that are broken, with vocals that draw near delicately only to disappear strongly, and with heavy dubstep basses that copulate with elfish sounds and tango violins. Here you set off an alarm while dancing; you seek out your trail amidst wrecked environments yet you still perceive life as a present of time.

The album EXCESS ALL AREAS is a rejection of courtesy. In transcending genres and boundaries, TW deconstructs the known and familiar only to subsequently put it back together again.
The thus created “unknown” asks for a dance.


I am pleased to announce that TANGOWERK’s second album is ready to rumble. New and old musical influences of the 1990s, techno, Berlin, party nights in basements, live performances by TW and the daily news on the state of the world have all left their marks on this album. I have seen inspiring art and listened to fantastic music by other bands and DJs – I’m happy not to be alone during important, and occasionally self-destructive, developments. Again and again, I have determined that conventions and rules are there to be broken. And for this you need strength – to move ahead. I have sought out strength in order to incorporate it within me and – to a great extent – to pass it on.
And I’ve done this even though it is usually not the easy things in life that are the subjects of song lyrics. The interaction with our audiences has also helped TANGOWERK to evolve.

There where a fever can arise when waves of music hit the body, where melodies carry you off and enthusiasm is sparked. With great satisfaction I’ve noticed that lyrics are given much more attention nowadays than some time ago. In Berlin-Wedding, our six-member band tries to capture– both in sound and image – what constitutes our life. We’ve moved on to techno cellars from the tango clubs we started out at. From hip Berlin clubs we’ve moved to stages across the globe. Beats scattered across a dance floor by speakers about to explode from loudness – that continues to be an unmatched, wonderful experience.
I especially want to thank Lulu Schmidt, Ina Viola, Staab, Hajo Rehm, and DJ Y3ARS, who played key roles in shaping this album. I would also like to thank The Oracle (Dr. J. Daniel Dahm), with whom I had many inspiring conversations about the future.

All this can be found on the latest TANGOWERK-Album : EXCESS ALL AREAS