Artist / Producer

Nhoah lives and works as an artist and producer in Berlin.He records both national and international successes, which have been awarded various gold and platinum records. His projects include the band Komeda Artist (made in collaboration with Bronskie Beat and Gareth Jones), Peacock Palace (which was the first German band with heavy rotation on MTV London. The Band had a Europe-wide hit, was on tour with, among others, The Pogues and Alison Moyet). He founded the label R.O.T, whose artist he produced. For some oft them he also wrote very succesful songs. He created the interdisciplinary music project Tangowerk, which was a fusion of Berlin electronic music and Tango Argentino. Many international artists participated like Adriana Varela, Louie Austin, Mieze Katz, Chino Laborde, etc.. The Band was nominated fort he German Schallplattenpreis and the Echo Newcomer, was on world tour and invited to countless prestigious festivals (Fusion / IIIPoint Miami, etc.). Nhoah Hoena is specializes in electronic music. His work is outstandingmusic in the studio, as well as live in handling and sound, and in a number of instances pioneer.

The new project of Nhoah is called: . . .

It is the consistent continuation of his work. . . .  stands for . . .

. . . acts in the tradition of German electronic music of the late 70s and early 80s (DAF, Palais Schaumburg, Conny Plank), but stands with both feet on the ground of 2017 (Skinnerbox, Moderat). German lyrics are sung on Modularsynthesizer sounds. Sequences in Techno and Dubtempi interweave with German-speaking words to a sound event which has not yet been heard. The highly descriptive text language forms into associative images, which record impressions in today’s time window. With analogue equipment and latest techniques, a musical work will be created at the highest production level. Content, language, music and form are closely linked with the external presentation. Form and implementation are subject to a common dialectics.

The goal is to form a value that is justified in a time of flooding media events. Too often the power of music is shamelessly ignored for secondary purposes, the meaning of words subordinated to commercial intensions. Nhoah has always pursued his passion for music. The past years of experience will converge in . . . and merge into an essence that shows „a“ possible path which is artistically valuable, can be recognized and can be commercially successful without promising just a surface. The goal ist o create a . . . , which is unique in musical, textual and visual terms, and in the best case only the first of its kind.