Lulu Schmidt

Lulu Schmidt is a one woman music-performance act, invented by austrian artist Carola Schmidt in 2013.

During her musical solo performances (electronics, live violin, piano, and vocals), she conducts her one woman orchester in manner of classical-melancolic-dark-electric-glitter-dissonant- driven-bipolar blackouts, fluttering around the facets of self- expression like a moth attracted to light.

During her fragile and determined stage performances, Lulu explores the rites of energy transformation, oscillating in a tension between moments of introvert reflection and explosive expression.

Grown up in the catholic dead end of austrias northern countryside near the iron curtain, lulu found her sanctuary in playing the violin. starting at the age of 3 she frequently played herself into rage, often performing in front of no other then dead deer in the basement of the family house, believing to relieve their departure of the soul which she believed took place three days after the hunting. an early developed obsession with opera helped her dreaming herself into another world..
the piano followed soon, and by five, she secretly recorded her first radio show with original compositions in her childrens room for which she forced kindergarden mates to participate.

2003 she moved to berlin, as a student of rebecca horn @ udk berlin, and ever since, she is creating interdisciplinary art projects (film/video/performance). she dived into berlins electronic landscapes and into the wild night scene between excess, travestie and ecstasy which merged with her catholical background to a powerful cocktail.

Ecstasy, seduction and euphoria are since the central motifs of her work, ritualizing euphoric states of todays leisure society, reflecting the desire to surrender to one´s own divinity, in order to overcome an increasing self alienation. The result is a mantra of vicarious satisfaction i.e. experienced in her current project ART ON DRUGS.

Lulu is currently on Tour with Tangowerk and presenting her solo live set whilst working on her first solo album to be released in 2016. She currently lives in Vienna and Berlin.